About us

Media for Education, Professions and Science (Media voor Educatie, Vak en Wetenschap, MEVW) is the branch organization for educational, professional and scientific publishers in the Netherlands. The organization’s goal, as well as its associated publishers, is to increase the accessibility of educational, professional and scientific knowledge as much as possible. The branch organization therefore stands for:

  • Ensuring a pluriform landscape of publishers, where others can choose from an abundant supply of high-quality publishing products and services;

  • Ensuring A level-playing field, where the publishing sector collaborates with public and private stakeholders in order to develop sustainable solutions for societal needs.

What we do

In order to increase the accessibility of knowledge as much as possible, MEVW extensively collaborates with representative organizations and institutions in the public and private domain. Examples are the Ministry of Education, the councils for primary- and secondary education and employer association VNO-NCW. As such, MEVW aims to ensure that scientists, professionals and businesses can continue to conduct their daily affairs. In so doing, MEVW contributes to a 'lifelong learning' and generally our knowledge-based economy.

One of the core tasks of MEVW in practice is to represent the interests of her members. MEVW does so by, for example:

  1. Publishing and sharing the visions, positions and interests of our members.

  2. Supporting our members in the implementation of legislation and agreements regarding topics such as standardization, accessibility, digitalization, privacy, cybersecurity and data.

  3. Supporting our members on legal topics, such as copyright law.

  4. Monitoring, knowledge-sharing and professionalization opportunities regarding topics such as innovation.

Our (international) partners and sister organizations

MEVW is member of the (Dutch) Mediafederatie. The Mediafederatie represents the social and economic interests of publishers in the Netherlands with as goal to create an as beneficial entrepreneurial climate as possible. Members of MEVW have access to the provided services of the Mediafederatie as well.

Outside of the Netherlands, MEVW maintains close relations to international interest organizations for publishers. MEVW is member of the following three organizations:

Furthermore, MEVW works closely together with the Association of Science, Technology and Medical Publishers (STM).

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For more information about MEVW, please contact:

Stephan de Valk - Director MEVW